Master Blanket Purchase Order MDDGS13-000378

Header Information
Purchase Order Number: MDDGS13-000378 Release Number: 0 Short Description: Ammunition Winchester Statewide Contract
Status: 3PS - Sent Purchaser: Suzan Edwards Receipt Method: Quantity
Fiscal Year: 2013 PO Type: Blanket Minor Status:
Organization: Maryland Department of General Services
Department: 00116 - COMMODITY PROCUREMENT/16 Location: 00116 - COMMODITY PROCUREMENT/16 Type Code: Renewal (RE)
Alternate ID: Entered Date: 07/16/2012 02:16:23 PM Control Code:
Days ARO: 0 Retainage %: 0.00% Discount %: 0.00%
Print Dest Detail: If Different
Catalog ID: Release Type: Direct Release Pcard Enabled: No
Contact Instructions: Tax Rate: Actual Cost: $40,000.00
Match Type:
Procurement Method: Competitive Sealed Bidding - Reportable (CSB)
Category Of Work: Commodities, Supplies and Equipment (CSE)
Award Authority: Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC)
Contract Type: Fixed Price (FP)
Multi-Year: Yes
Option Max:
Allow Reference: Yes
Limit Ref Exp Date:
Primary Vendor Information & PO Terms
Vendor: 102193 - Atlantic Tactical
Thomas Caruso
Phone: (800)781-2677 Ext. 1142
FAX: (717)774-4463
Payment Terms: Shipping Method:
Shipping Terms: Freight Terms: 1 - Freight Prepaid
PO Acknowledgements:
Document Notifications Acknowledged Date/Time
Purchase Order Emailed to at 07/24/2012 10:37:42 AM 07/24/2012 03:11:51 PM
Master Blanket/Contract Vendor Distributor List
Vendor ID Vendor Name Preferred Delivery Method Vendor Distributor Status
Atlantic Tactical Email Active
Master Blanket/Contract Controls
Master Blanket/Contract Begin Date: 07/15/2012 Master Blanket/Contract End Date: 07/15/2013
Cooperative Purchasing Allowed: No
Organization Department Dollar Limit Dollars Spent to Date Minimum Order Amount
MDDGS - Maryland Department of General Services 00116 - COMMODITY PROCUREMENT/16 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Item Information   
Print Sequence # 1.0, Item # 1:   Ammunition - Winchester; One year renewal for existing contract. 3PS - Sent
NIGP Code: 680-04
Receipt Method Qty Unit Cost UOM Discount % Total Discount Amt. Tax Rate Tax Amount Total Cost
Quantity 1.0 $40,000.00 LT - Lot 0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $40,000.00
Manufacturer: Brand: Model:
Make: Packaging: